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Hello everyone, how are you all?  Well, I hope.
I have only seen house martins around our current house once or twice in the 30 years we’ve been here, so this week’s videos are a bit of a treat to see them on a nest cam.
Here’s the first of two videos letting us into their world.

So on Wednesday, we’ll get to see Part Two of the house martins nesting video and in honour of the approach of May, we learn how to draw bluebells. You can check that out on the website or on our Facebook page at /pricklyhedge.

There will be a myriad of blue fields soon all over the UK and there is nothing more magical than walking through a wood filled with their beautiful nodding bells.  We usually go a local wood for their annual open day and a walk around their small bluebell wood, but I doubt it will be open this year.  Oh well, always next year to look forward to. But on Friday, you can check out our video on how to draw bluebells either here or on our Facebook page.

Oh, if you’re not aware there are different types of bluebells.  We have the English bluebell, whose flowers all lie along the same edge of the stem and arch downwards and the Spanish Bluebell (below), whose flowers sit around the stem of the plant, reminiscent of the beautifully scented hyacinth.  We may find that we lose the English Bluebell altogether if we allow cross-pollination between these two plants.  Sadly, we can’t tell the bees where to get their pollen from.  As pretty as the Spanish Bluebell is, it is a threat to our natural flora and fauna.

Don’t forget that on our website, you’ll also find a round-up of environmental news on our How To’s page,

ο»Ώ As ever, if you make anything, drop a picture on the Facebook page, we’d love to see them.

I hope you have a great week and until next time, stay safe, stay well and don’t forget to let us know if you make any of our craft items.

Lots of love from Yvonne, Bubble and #TEAMPricklyHedge

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