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🧡🎙🧡 NEWS – Learn about Robins and what seeing one of them means!

Hello and welcome from a very chilly, icy Stourbridge in the West Midlands.  As I write this it’s at the end of a seemingly long week, interspersed with increasingly gloomy news on the UK health front and the myriad of logistics issues hitting our import/export businesses.  A bright spot in the week, whatever your politics, was the inauguration of Joe Biden and who couldn’t be moved by Amanda Gorman; I foresee  a glittering future for that young lady.  I wasn’t aware she had a book out but seemingly so, here’s the Amazon link as the book is aimed at children (I make no money out of it)
It was good to see Joe Biden sign an Executive Order to rejoin the Paris Accord for climate change, very much welcomed and I’m sure that there will be a number of pleas for him to rescind some of the previous administration’s rulings on the environment and wildlife.  If you want to read up on his plans for the environment, check out this article.
Some other good news, the UK robin population is on the rise.  Our much-loved bird with its cheery red breast and inquisitive nature has endeared itself to us for centuries.  Star of many a Christmas card, these cute little garden lovers aren’t quite as friendly with their own kind as they are with us humans.  Learn more about them here.
Symbolising new beginnings, new projects, and a sign of good things to come, different cultures view robins differently.  But it seems they all agree that robins mean, hope, renewal and rebirth.
If you want to learn more fascinating facts about robins and how others cultures view them, then head over to.,of%20good%20things%20to%20come.
So I feel a much more cheery note on which to end the week as we look forward to rolling out vaccines worldwide, new and bold initiatives from America and our little robin red breast.  Give him a shout out if you see him in your gardens or parks.  If he stays still long enough for you to get a quick photo of him, then upload it to the Facebook page @pricklyhedge, you can find that here .
Have a great week and when I speak to you next, we’ll be in the second month of the year, how quickly does time fly.  As I say, have a great week, stay safe, stay well and stay at home if you can.

Yvonne, Bubble and #TEAMPricklyHedge


🧡🎙🧡 NEWS – The Plant of Hope and Renewal


I hope you’ve been checking out the Prickly Hedge page this week and the website as I’ve been more active in getting content out there.  If you’ve watched my live video, you’ll understand why I’ve not been on the radar as much for the last 12 months or so.  If not, you can check it out HERE

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be playing catch-up everywhere at the moment, I seem to be behind in everything I’m doing.  I have soo much to do, I don’t know where the time goes lol.  If you’re not so fortunate or live alone, then please do come and check out the page and perhaps learn more about the natural environment and how you can help #teambubble in their quest to save the planet.  If we can get out into nature or our gardens, it certainly does lift the spirits.

Talking about saving the planet, we are starting a new group on Facebook, it will primarily be for caregivers of children who want to help their kids engage more with the natural world and showing ways in which we can achieve that.  There will be lives, discussions and interviews with eco-warriors who are doing their own thing looking out for what they believe in. Look out for it in February.

Searching around Youtube, I discovered a series on plant meanings, which I found fascinating.  Today, Monday and this month, January, is symbolic of our beautiful, and much revered, snowdrop.  Your task this week is to find a snowdrop or a crop of snowdrops, take a photo and drop it on our Facebook page @PricklyHedge

You can check out the video here

If you do see Yew Trees on your walks out, please DO NOT touch them, every part of the plant is poisonous from the foliage to the wood.  They are gorgeous to look at; we have two here at Prickly Hedge and they feed the birds who are able to process the alkaloids that the tree contains but they are definitely poisonous to humans.  You tend to find them in hedging or graveyards, but, beautiful as they are, keep your little ones (and big ones) away from them.


I hope you have a fabulous week doing whatever you are able to at the moment, come and engage with us and let us know what you’re up to in looking after our planet.

With lots of love from Prickly Hedge and #TeamBubble xx



🧡🎙🧡 NEWS – Making Something Out of Nothing!


Couldn’t get the newsletter out on Monday last week, hence you’ve got a bit of a double dose of Prickly Hedge this week.  We mail out on Monday’s only, so look out for us to keep up with what’s happening.

After many long months of shielding from covid, we are making a more concerted effort to connect with our friends and family over Zoom, WhatsApp etc.  I think Christmas was a turning point of ‘how much longer is this going to go on’.  So we had a great night chatting to our eldest last night and playing cards.  Won’t say which ones, but had a great laugh with them.  I’m beginning to sense a renewed sense of vigour for 2021, hope you are too.

The New Year is all about renewable and in that vein, there are lots of ways to help reduce our food waste from using leftovers to make tasty meals, using our freezers more and making compost. But before you throw everything in the compost, take a look at this video that shows you how to turn your waste into something new and sustainable. Really clear, informative video.

Here is a simple way to grow beans in a jar with kitchen paper towels. This is a fairly quick process, results are usually noticeable only a few days later. Simply rinse out a clean jam jar, leaving it wet, put folded and scrunched up kitchen towel inside and put a broad bean seed between the kitchen roll and the glass. Add a spoonful of water to the seed every day. Don’t let it get waterlogged, just moist. It should start to sprout quickly on a bright windowsill. Once it’s got a good root system, you can transfer it out to a small pot or open ground. You will need to support them with stakes but they are fun to grow. You can plant them anytime from January onwards.

Sadly, now we, the UK, have left the EU, it looks like our Government are endorsing the use of pesticides that kill bees again. We need to fight that decision and help our bees as much as we can. Check out the following article from The Independent.Bee-killing pesticide to be re-introduced now we’ve left the EU


#TeamBubble xx