Belinda - PDF T-Shirt Transfer - Large

PH T Shirt Transfer Pics  BEL01.png
PH T Shirt Transfer Pics  BEL01.png

Belinda - PDF T-Shirt Transfer - Large


Customise your child’s clothes or bags with these adorable downloadable PDF t-shirt transfers of the characters from Tales from Prickly Hedge.

Belinda - Large

Printed Image Size: H x W 14 x 12 cm

Please Note: This is a downloadable PDF image to print your own transfer at home. It is NOT a T-shirt with an image printed on. The T-shirt image is for illustration ONLY.

Your download link will be emailed directly upon payment, you then have 24 hours to download your product.

Upon receipt:

Print out the design onto your own transfer paper. When setting up your printer make sure to check print Actual Size, else the design will scale up to the size of the paper you are using. Designs, whether large or small, can be printed on A4 paper.

Once your transfer is printed, leave it to completely dry before attempting to transfer it to fabric. Make sure whatever you wish to attach your transfer to is cotton, not poly cotton as it makes the image stretch a little.   It still works, but not as well. 

  • Turn your iron to the hottest setting and switch off any steam function; you need a dry iron for this. 

  • Place your item on the ironing board and position your transfer, image side down, where you want the final design. 

  • Cover with a clean tea towel and apply heat steadily and evenly for around two minutes, making sure you work over the edges of the design thoroughly. 

  • Leave to cool and remove backing paper. Remember to read the instructions thoroughly for your own paper as it may be slightly different to these.

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