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🌟 🎨 🌟 CRAFTY KIDS Make a Lovely Pop Up card, and mum’s (when you have a few hours to yourself , why not try out the Beautiful Holly Berry branch) you could get organised for next year. It would look glorious with some white glitter added. Have a lovely Christmas.

Christmas Crafts for #fridaycraftmorning #craftykids
Hello everyone, how are you all?
Hope you’ve had a good week and are keeping safe.Β  I came across a charity called Cool Earth this week and they are doubling any contributions given this month, so basically, give once, help twice is their December tagline.

They are a global network helping to stop deforestation.Β  Why are they are helping the rainforest, check out the website tomorrow to find out HERE

As important as rainforests are in the global regulation of our planet, our own flora and fauna at home is pretty important too.

There’s nothing really more Christmassy than holly.Β  When those gorgeous red berries arrives on the trees, I feel like Christmas is really close.Β  I’m lucky enough to own a small yellow holly tree.Β  It’s not mature enough to have berries yet, but it belonged to my neighbour who sadly died and I managed to secure a bit of it before the developer ripped it all out.Β  And quite apart from the tradition of bringing it into the home to make us feel all festive, it has enormous value to wildlife from hedgehogs to deers.Β  There’ll be more about that on the website on Thursday, so check it out HERE .Β  In the meantime, here’s a really upbeat little video all about this wonderful spikey plant.

And to finish off the week for #craftfriday, how to DIY your own bunch of holly.Β  I was mesmerised watching this and the end result was stunning.Β  No, it’s a bit complex for kids, but I thought it was worth watching.Β  I haven’t forgotten the kids though, there’s also a pop up holly card to make as well.

Hope you have a lovely week.Β  Take care and stay safe.

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Hope you have a lovely week.  Take care and stay safe.

Lots of love from Yvonne, Bubble and #TEAMPricklyHedge

🌟 🎀 🌟 NEWS KIDS More on the Toy Project Charity

Check out more about the toy project and maybe think about donating to them rather than giving toys to the local charity shop (even though that’s excellent too), but the Toy Project make sure that toys go to more specific children/family orientated destinations.


β€’ We recycle unwanted toys and give them to children who need them
β€’ We encourage learning through play by funding Lego workshops, art workshops and
β€’ We raise money to fund projects such as toy and book libraries, murals and community
β€’ We educate children about recycling and supporting others


β€’ schools and nurseries
β€’ hospitals and hospices…and many more. Learn more HERE

Hello everyone, how are you all? Well, I hope.

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote out to you.Β  I hope you’ll forgive me when you know the reason why.
Back in early May, (the last time I wrote to you) my husband went to see his cancer consultant, he’d been battling with melanoma since the September previous and we had a good meeting.Β  He was doing great, going on to the next stage of treatment.Β  Everything was going really well.
However, withinΒ  few days of that appointment, he fell ill and to cut a long story short, the scans he’d had the month previous that showed such good results were now life-threateningly bad.Β  By mid-June, Peter was dead and life changed dramatically for me.
I didn’t know if I wanted to continue with Prickly Hedge, he’d been ill for some time and I hadn’t had much traction with it, but I know he would have wanted me to continue with my writing.
I’m doing fine, I choose to live in the gratitude of having had him in my life, rather than in the pain of the loss of him in my life and that’s how I’m coping.
So as we look forward to Christmas and clearing out the Christmas toy boxes, I found this super little project that recycles kid’s toys.Β  There’s a video and then tomorrow, there’ll be a post on the website with more information about the charity. Seems really worthwhile.

Pete and I were together 40 years and 30 of those we’ve lived at β€˜Prickly Hedge’ and he always told me that the trees on one of the roads close by held mistletoe at Christmas.  I never believed him, said it was bird’s nest until this year (sod’s law) when I saw it and thought, he was right all along, well I’ll be blowed.

So I thought I’d include a video on mistletoe this week and then on Thursday, there’ll be a post on the website telling you more about it from the Wildlife Trust.

And to finish off the week for #craftfriday, how to DIY your own bunch of felt mistletoe but if you don’t have or can’t afford the materials for that, there’s another little video showing youngsters how to draw mistletoe.

AND…. I have some very exciting news. We have a new book coming out, not quite finished yet. More on that next week, but for now it’s still under wraps, and only those who sign up for the newsletter are getting the ‘breaking news’ on that x You can sign up at

Hope you have a lovely week.Β  Take care and stay safe.

Lots of love from Yvonne, Bubble and #TEAMPricklyHedge

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