I Wish I Was More Disciplined


I Wish I Was More Disciplined

How many times a week do you say this to yourself? One, two, five, ten?

You know how it goes, you get soo fired up over a project, it could be losing weight or going to the gym or eating healthy or drinking more water.  The first week you're chock full of enthusiasm and go at like a bull at a gate.  Week two, you do Monday, miss Tuesday, miss Wednesday, feel guilty on Thursday and do it begrudgingly and then Friday onwards it's a downward slope.

I bet you feel like this regularly, I know I do.

The amount of times I've re-done my rotation diet that I HAVE to follow to stop myself becoming oversensitized to the few safe foods that I do have in my diet and what happens.  I call a HALT to it and why, because of that first H - Hunger.  I get soo hungry because I can't process a lot of fat in my diet and so I can't fill myself up.

Want to check out what the others are, the A, the L and the T, hop over to my business page this week where I'll be discussing those and other tips to help get you more focused and disciplined.

For now though, here's three tips you can use to build more discipline into your day so you don't have soo many H days.


For me, when I'm hungry, instead of reaching for a healthful snack, I know there are always biscuits in the pantry.  Biscuits that I buy for the family,  but that I CAN eat too.  What do I reach for? You guessed it - a biscuit.  This is a toughie for me because if the kids didn't live here, there wouldn't be so many snacks.  Perhaps I should buy biscuits that I CAN'T eat.  If you have cravings for a particular food and you know it's not good for you then try to avoid buying it and so remove the temptation.


We all need to chill, even during the day.  I suggest you work in block time, so you block out time to get certain projects done.  For me, Monday's are content creation day, where I create all the content that I'm going to be sharing for the week.  I set up a focus for the week and video whatever I need to put out on top of any lives I do on Facebook.  However, I do focused work in the mornings and try to finish just after lunch, 3pm at the latest.  I also schedule breaks in between times as I need to eat mid-morning and mid-afternoon, so I rarely work without a break for more than two hours straight.


There's nothing worse than working like a trojan for a few hours, achieving whatever it was you set out to achieve and there's no reward at the end of it.  Perhaps there's no one to share it with, or even it's not something that needs sharing, or perhaps it's even something you don't particularly want to share.  When you can't ask for social recognition or put it back to your accountability partner, if you have one, then reward yourself.  Yes, you are allowed.  If that means a coffee and a bun at your local cafe, then so be it.  Or if it's just a hot chocolate and a choccy biccy - hmm.  That sounds great too.

So there are just three simple ways to keep yourself bouyed up and motivated, discipline is a mixture of mindset, motivation and munching to keep up those energy levels.  And no, I don't mean sugary loaded snacks, but good healthful things like shakes or crudites and dips or even a homemade soup.  And soup isn't that difficult, chuck a few root vegetables and potatoes in a steamer or boiling water, with a stock cube, cook till soft and then whizz up and season to taste.  Twenty minutes, bish, bash, bosh as a certain Mr Oliver would say.

Have a great week and stay on track, check over on my Facebook page for more hints and tips on being disciplined this week.

Much love,