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Who Am I?

Yvonne Richards

Prickly Hedge is run by me, Yvonne Richards. I live in the West Midlands in my very own Prickly Hedge – a beautiful garden that is home to all manner of wildlife.

This gave me the idea to create Bubble and Squeek, two hedgehogs who have fun and adventures in the garden they call their own, namely Prickly Hedge. Through the stories and their adventures, they learn how best to help all their wildlife friends. It is hoped that this will inspire young readers to engage more with wildlife and hopefully begin to not only help preserve it but create habitats in which it can thrive.

Bubble and Squeek, two hedgehog friends live at Prickly Hedge, where all sorts of animals live in harmony together. There are foxes, badgers, owls, butterflies, birds and insects and our two friends are tasked with finding out what they each need to help them thrive. Through the stories, children will learn how best to help the wildlife they love through really simple tasks like building log piles, recycling and even if they don’t have a garden, how a simple pot of lavender on a doorstep can make a difference.

The aim of the Prickly Hedge brand is to let children know that all their actions, however big or small, do matter as we fight to maintain the ecological diversity of our beautiful planet. This book is a story of the much-maligned badger and how a little tolerance, compassion and understanding of their plight can make a BIG difference to saving them. It champions friendship and tolerance above all else and in future books, the friends will learn more about their wildlife friends and how we can help them thrive. The aims of the stories are to help children:

Look after their environment by helping wildlife.

  • Do simple things like planting herbs or lavender.
  • Grow in confidence and self-worth in their ability to make a difference.
  • Gain a deeper sense of connection to wildlife and nature in our digitally-led world
  • Be more tolerant and inclusive of others because they are our best advocates.
  • Foster a love of nature and help us all re-wild ourselves

So, whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, carer or teacher, this book will serve as a springboard to helping your little one’s find easy ways to help the wildlife they love and the natural world they will need to preserve for our future.

Tell us more about you

Where do you live?

I live in a small village on the edge of the greenbelt in the West Midlands, between Birmingham and Worcester.

How long have you been writing?
Have you always written children's books?
Why did you decide to move into children's books?
Do you have children?

Yes, I have two boys, the eldest is 30 and the youngest, 29.  They are both working in the fields of IT, one as a Helpdesk Engineer and the other a Games Software Developer.

Why Prickly Hedge?
What else do you enjoy doing?
Do you do Author Visits to Schools?
Can I meet you?
Where can we follow you on Social Media?
Do you sell anything other than books?
Can I get a Media Pack?
Do you do anything else online?

What Do We Offer?

Books, audiobooks, merchandise such as t-shirt transfers and nursery prints, together with lots of free resources for indoor and outdoor activities.

Illustrated picture books capturing the friendship of Bubble and Squeek as they try to help their wildlife friends to survive.
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Let your little one listen to the audiobook or you can listen together as you read along with the book.
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T-shirt transfers and nursery prints plus lots more coming soon.
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Lots of free resources for indoor and outdoor activities to help your child learn more about wildlife and nature.
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Who Lives at Prickly Hedge?

Who are the Prickly Hedge animals?  At the moment, we only have Bubble and Squeek and Belinda, but more and more charactes will be introduced with each successive book.





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