Rathaka Foundation

Courtesy of  BrightVibes

Courtesy of BrightVibes


It all started when...

A young entrepreneur saw a need for children to have a proper schoolbag to take to lessons rather than the plastic bags they were used to. 

By re-using and re-purposing plastic bags, not only were they creating a product by using rubbish but also creating employment for 8 people currently.

The Rathaka Foundation creates schoolbags that give a child dignity in how they carry their books to school, safety with the reflective flashes on the bags and an ingenious solar light that doubles as a light to study with at night, stopping the need for dangerous kerosene lamps and candles that the children are used to.

In total, to date, the Rathaka Foundation have handed over 10,000 Repurpose Schoolbags to children in 6 countries on the African continent.  

So inspired by this young ladies fierce determination to bring this project to fruition, I intend to pledge 10% of my earnings towards gifting a child or a class a schoolbag.

What a wonderful project.

If you'd like to DONATE, you can via the link below.  To gift one bag cost $25 but you can donate whatever amount suits you or, of course, if you purchase one of our card readings, 10% of the price will be pledged to this cause.