About Us

Who Are We?

Prickly Hedge is run by me, Yvonne Richards.  I live in the West Midlands in my very own Prickly Hedge – a beautiful garden that is home to all manner of wildlife.

This gave me the idea to create Bubble and Squeek, two hedgehogs who have fun and adventures in the garden they call their own, namely Prickly Hedge.  Through the stories and their adventures, they learn how best to help all their wildlife friends.  It is hoped that this will inspire young readers to engage more with wildlife and hopefully begin to not only help preserve it but create habitats in which it can thrive.

What Do We Do?

Help children to learn how to look after their environment

Through the stories of Bubble and Squeek, our aim is to teach children how to look after their environment.  

Empower children to grow in confidence
Give children a sense of connection
Foster in children an inclusiveness and tolerance for others
Provide children with activities to foster a love of nature

What Do We Offer?

Books, audiobooks, merchandise such as t-shirt transfers and nursery prints, together with lots of free resources for indoor and outdoor activities.

Illustrated picture books capturing the friendship of Bubble and Squeek as they try to help their wildlife friends to survive.
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Let your little one listen to the audiobook or you can listen together as you read along with the book.
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T-shirt transfers and nursery prints plus lots more coming soon.
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Lots of free resources for indoor and outdoor activities to help your child learn more about wildlife and nature.
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Who Lives at Prickly Hedge?

Who are the Prickly Hedge animals?  At the moment, we only have Bubble and Squeek and Belinda, but more and more charactes will be introduced with each successive book.




Tales from Prickly Hedge