????? BUBBLE SAYS Put birdseed out for wild birds. It isn’t as expensive as you might think.

This week we’ve been talking about feeding the birds in your garden. 

These are really small things that everyone can do and if lots of us all do it, we can make a BIG difference to wildlife and to the planet. We must never get down about things, everything will turn out okay if we all just pull together and make all those small changes into a BIG change.

Feeding the birds can be as easy as spreading some lard or fat onto a piece of bread and then sprinkling some oats or sunflower seeds onto it, or an elaborate bird feeding station.  It all depends on how big a garden you have and what you can afford. Even a few scraps of cooked bacon, half a coconut or just a bit of bread. No bread isn’t the best really, but frankly it’s better than nothing. Ducks began suffering when the campaign to stop feeding them bread was happening, so we need to be sensible. A little won’t hurt, just mix it in with some seeds or nuts or other table scraps.

The RSPB agree that bread isn’t the best and should only be used in small quantities but it won’t harm birds. Here’s a link to their article HERE

Because I’m allergic to a lot of seeds, I find it a bit difficult to feed the birds as I don’t like seeds in my home but my sparrows ADORE millet (yes the stuff you buy for budgies).  You can either get it from the pet store or you can buy loose millet.  I use loose millet and fill up a little bird inspired feeding tray and watch the sparrows flock in.

This week I’ve shared a little video on making a simple bird feeder from things you may have lying around your home.  You can make a simple bird feeder that you hang up on a tree or a fence post or a balcony, if you don’t have a garden.  You could even hang one on a hanging basket hook. You can find that post HERE

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to help wildlife, just a little time.

Bubble says, have a great week, until next time xxx

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Bubble says Put birdseed out for wild birds #wildlifetip7
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